Meet Our Tzevet: Ari VandersluisBackground: From Dayton Ohio, I spent six summers as a camper, three as a counselor, and one as a rosh eidah. I’m currently in my senior year at The Ohio State University studying Operations Management on the pre-med route.

Favorite camp event and why: The camp talent show is always a blast where you really get the chance to see the personalities of each eidah.

Skill or life lesson learned at camp that has been useful at home: I learned how to be independent and make impactful decisions for myself. I learned the way my small actions can impact others in meaningful ways and how to incorporate Judaism into my daily life.

One thing you couldn’t live without: I couldn’t live without spending time outside.

One thing about you that may surprise us: I once spent two weeks camping out in the Amazon Rainforest.

Camp is…. an opportunity to grow.

One hope or wish for 5778: I hope for 5578 a world filled with less fear and more kindness.