When campers write home the letters are often pretty short, i.e. “Camp is great! I’m fine.” We thought some writing prompts might be able to help them fill in the blanks. So, next time you write to your camper, here are some upcoming events you can ask them about!

Tomorrow is the 17th of Tammuz, which is a minor fast day. What did each aidah do to commemorate it? What’s the history of the day?

Wednesday is our first Yom Meyuchad, “Special Day.” What was the theme of your camper’s Yom Meyuchad, and what fun activities did his/her counselors plan for the day?


Thursday is the first Island Swim! Did your camper attempt the swim for his/her first time, or is he/she an old pro at the distance swim? In other swimming/sporting news, the Ramah Triathlon is next Monday. Campers will run, swim and canoe in this fun race.

The Bogrim girls and all of Tikvah are going on campouts this week, while the Garinim girls and boys (separately) are heading into the woods next week. What was their favorite meal from the cookout? Why does food always taste better cooked over a campfire? Did they learn about any new plants on their hike or gaze at the stars?


The biggest news of the coming week will be next Sunday’s Zimriyah (Song Festival)! Each aidah will perform an Israeli song in celebration of Israel’s 65th birthday. What song did your camper sing and what did he/she learn about its history? What color did your camper’s aidah wear?

Hopefully this will give your camper some inspiration to provide a few more details about his/her action-packed camp schedule!. Keep checking our blog and take a look at the photos at www.ramahwisconsin.bunk1.com for all the latest news from camp!