Camp is thrilled to introduce our new Rosh Chavalim (Ropes Course) Josh Pomeranz.  Josh is finishing up college at Boston University where he has majored in economics and enjoyed numerous delicious meals at Program Director Jacob Cytryn's apartment.  Josh will miss the stunning view he has of the magnificent Charles River as he looks for a position in the business world in Chicago for next year. 

Josh is a veteran cabin counselor and is ecstatic to be back in camp in a new role.  Last summer, he bravely volunteered to serve as a "test dummy" (his own words) for the ropes course staff as they were honing their skills, a move that may (or may not) have foreshadowed his move to a full-time position on the ropes course this summer.  An avid fan of the outdoors and hiking, Josh looks forward to continuing to build on the opportunities laid out by the first two ropes course staffs (led by Philip Sherman and Evan Dreifuss, respectively) and to getting a beautiful helmet tan this summer!

Welcome Josh!