110,000 – Approximate number of meals that will be served in the chadar ochel (dining hall) this summer.

7,000 – Number of individual jelly packets orders (in assorted flavors!)

$3,389 – The amount of tzedakah raised by Shoafim 2011. Kol HaKavod!

695 – Number of miles our campers from Columbus, OH will travel to get to Conover, WI.

515 – Number of campers enrolled (as of today) for Summer 2012!

424 – Number of CFL light bulbs installed throughout camp to help conserve energy.

400 – Pounds of clay for use in pottery making in Omanut (art).

144 – Number of new tennis balls ordered.

137 – Number of new campers who will be joining us this summer–60 of them in Kochavim!

79 – Forecast high temperature for Conover, WI today.

78 – Number of birthday cakes our world famous baker, Wally, will prepare this summer!

50 – Number of new siddurim purchased for this summer.

45 – Junior Counselors excited about their first summer on staff!

34 – Number of new trees planted to beautify the new entrance.

31 – Number of shlichim (Israeli staff) joining the staff. (Check out the photo!)

18 – Number of kayaks ready for use on Lake Buckatabon.

8 – Kinds of breakfast cereal purchased – something to please everybody!

4 – Days of intensive training with Project Adventure for our ropes course staff.

1 – Community counting the days until we meet on the kikar!!