50 Days Until Camp 

50 – Days until opening day!


43 – Days until staff week begins!


40 – Number of pounds of boneless, skinless chicken in each case that we purchase for the summer (check back to see how many cases we buy each summer!)


34 – The expected low temperature in Conover tonight and the high temperature the day Eitan Katz visited camp with Rami Eilian! Burrrrrr!


29 – The day in March that the last ice melted on Lake Buckatabon!


26/27 – The cabin old letters were found in from the 1960s and 70s (Click here to learn more – on page 8)!


25 – Cases of chocolate chip cookie dough on order for Oneg Shabbat and Kiddush!


17 – New Israeli staff members!


14 – The number of arrow signs on Buckatabon road leading to camp! (FYI – Camp Ramah is second from the top: click here to check it out)


13 – The number of sailboats in the teatron (theater) waiting to be moved outside when it warms up!


9 – Campers from Israel!


6 – Pounds of glitter being purchased for use during the summer!


5 – New roofs on buildings in camp!


4 – New picnic tables on the point for Machon to hang out!


3 – Campers from Europe!


2 – Campers from Arizona!


1 – Employee from Hawaii (check back this week to learn more about him!)


0 – Number of days until the launch of this blog!