On Sunday and Monday we welcomed hundreds of visitors from across the country for our official Visitors’ Days. It’s amazing to watch the camp transform as our community grows. The softball and soccer fields become a temporary parking lot. Umbrellas and picnic blankets pop up across the Kikar and along the waterfront. Families walk arm in arm along the Garbage Trail. The weather was a little hot these past two days, but no one seemed to mind. They were all having too much fun.

The two days boasted a packed schedule with a little bit of something for everyone. A variety of musical ensembles made up of campers and staff members performed on the Kikar throughout both days. We heard from the camper a cappella choir, the staff Ramah-cappella choir, a klezmer band, the jazz band, the orchestra performing with our awesome music staff. Music also filled the Kikar during Sunday afternoon’s Kikar dancing session. Campers taught their parents the steps to the dances, and everyone had fun.

We had meetings by aidah (age division) where visitors had a chance to meet their campers’ counselors and cabin-mates, plus learn about the amazing things their campers have been doing all summer. In addition, there was open swimming, the art and woodworking buildings were open to display campers’ artwork, our camping staff greeted visitors with freshly made pita and tea in the “Ohel Avraham” (a tent always open for welcoming guests), the Nivonim (11th grade) drama interns performed their English play, teachers showcased what their students have been learning at an education fair, and visitors had a chance to try out the high ropes course.  It’s been a busy two days!

We were so happy to be able to open our summer home to so many visitors this weekend. Todah rabbah to everyone who attended, and travel home safely!