We are excited to announce a pilot program for entering 4th graders for the upcoming camp season. Beginning in June 2011, we are offering a 12-day program for entering 4th graders to introduce them to the fantastic, fun and meaningful Jewish community that is Camp Ramah in Wisconsin. The program will be run twice during the first month of camp – from June 14-27 and from June 29-July 11. There are limited spaces open for this experience because we know that younger campers need greater staff attention and, based on the number of requests from families for such a program, we expect spaces to fill up quickly. As such, there are spaces for 10-12 boys and 10-12 girls in each of the two sessions. This 12-day pilot program is designed to make the transition to overnight camp easier for younger campers and to give them a taste of the different programs, activities and facilities that Camp Ramah in Wisconsin has to offer.

The price for the pilot program is $1,600 plus transportation to and from camp. Because of its short duration, this program is not eligible for any Camper Incentive Grants as only programs of 19 days or longer are eligible for these grants. Moreover, participating in the entering 4th grade pilot program will not disqualify your child from receiving Incentive Grants in a future summer like Garinim and Halutzim. More details about the program appear on our website at www.ramahwisconsin.com.

Every aidah at camp needs a name. We are inviting our current campers to suggest a name for the new aidah. A committee will select the winning name and the camper who submitted the name will announce it on YouTube in the spring. To submit a suggestion, please e-mail your idea to sgold@ramahwisconsin.com.

Please share this exciting news with friends/family and connect us with them so that we can begin the recruitment process together.

We look forward to a great 2011 Ramah summer!