Sunny Days on the Agam

By Jacob Pellegrino, Rosh Agam


This summer has been an extremely successful summer on the agam (Lake Buckatabon), with almost no rainy days and agam based activities almost every perek (period). New to camp this summer, we are offering at least one campwide agam event each week. From island swims to boating events we have seen campers and staff of all ages participating in high numbers, many challenging themselves and participating for the first time! In fact, our first island swim of the summer broke a camp record with 117 participants! This series of agam-based campwide activities has become so popular, that we have even added events to the summer calendar along the way, including two additional polar bear swims, an island swim that takes place at 5:30 am with hot chocolate to warm up swimmers when they return to camp.

In addition, we have offered a variety of new programming that has been incorporated into the daily schedules of our varying age groups. The biggest hit so far has been the introduction of six new paddle boards. Campers of all ages have had amazing experiences learning a new set of skills while also developing a new sense of appreciation for our beautiful lake. This program has become so popular that many cabins have scheduled time to utilize the paddle boards during their usual free time, some even coming back multiple times over the course of the summer.


Overall this summer on the agam has been one to remember and the smiling faces and excitement brought by the campers on a daily basis has made the experience that much more enjoyable! We are looking forward to all of the great things that will happen on the agam in the last 10 days of camp!