Kochavim is our youngest and newest aidah at camp. Our entering 4th graders spend a fun-filled and action-packed 12 days at camp, during which they get a taste of all the amazing programs and activities Camp Ramah in Wisconsin has to offer.

Like the rest of camp, Kochavimers start their day with shacharit (morning prayers). Their prayer service is filled with singing and ruach (spirit) and it’s a great way to start the day!

Ethan: I love Kochavim because you get to spend a lot of time with your friends.

Benji: I really like Kochavim because I have nice friends and counselors.

After breakfast and nikayon (cabin cleaning), Kochavimers head to sport for perek aleph, the first period of the day.They play a variety of group games, such as “Knockout” basketball and Dodgeball and work on individual skills.


During perek bet, Kochavim campers have tarbut (cultural activities). Each day they participate in activities such as music, art or dance. From learning Kikar dances (for Kikar dancing with the whole camp on Friday afternoons), to creating signs to decorate their cabin, to playing drama games, the rotation through the different tarbut is a great way to explore different interests and learn about these areas of camp.


Mimi: I like everything about camp because it’s all so much fun!

Perek Gimel is swimming, and on a hot day like today, the Kochavim campers can’t wait to get in the water! The campers participate in instructional swim and free swim, and they love it when it’s their turn to go on the Blob, a water trampoline.

Janie: My favorite activity at camp is swimming in the lake because it’s fun and the water is just the right temperature.

Marlee: My favorite actviity is swimming because it’s so much fun!

Tali: I love swimming in the lake because I like going on the Blob.

Ellie: I like going swimming because our teachers are so nice and help us.

After their refreshing dip in Lake Buckatabon, campers move on to their Hebrew classes for perek daled.  Our Israeli Hebrew teachers love to play games with our younger campers. Today the campers went on a scavenger hunt around camp and wrote Hebrew words for the sights they saw.


By now the campers have worked up an appetite. It’s off to the chadar ochel (dining hall) for lunch. Often after lunch they have a ruach-filled, enthusiastic shira session led by the songleading staff.

After some quiet time in the cabin, Kochavim campers spend their afternoons doing a variety of aidah activities. One day this week they spent the afternoon participating in their own mini Yom Sport, during which the aidah divided up into teams and played a bunch of games. Another afternoon, the campers experienced our awesome high ropes course. They had the opportunity to try out the climbing wall or the Flying Squirrel.

Gabriel: The ropes course is very challenging, but it’s a lot of fun. You get to help your friends. I made it to the top of the rock wall–it’s the best!


The day ends with dinner and an evening activity.

Isaac: We had a cookout Monday night and it was so much fun. We had good food and sang songs. The best part was the dessert because we got to have s’mores!

Matthew: I really like Kochavim because you get to be with your friends whenever you want.

We’ll be sad to say goodbye to our Kochavim A friends on Sunday, but we’re looking forward to meeting Kochavim B, and we hope to see everyone back next summer for Garinim!