By Shira Forester, Rosh Solelim


Solelim has been especially busy lately, as we have been preparing for our play, “Annie,” which is coming up very soon! A lot of time throughout the day is being spent learning dances, practicing songs, and studying lines. The entire eidah is looking forward to showing the whole camp what they have been working on so hard, and cannot wait to participate in their first ever camp machazemer. 

When we are not preparing for our production, Solelim has been participating in a number of other kinds of peulot. They are beginning their sadna’ot, which are workshops in a number of different areas of their choosing. Together with Shoafim, they can choose one activity to participate in for two prakim, instead of having tarbut for one perek and sport for the other. These sadna’ot range from a pinewood derby, to tennis training, to Italian cooking, to learning how to create podcasts.


This week, tzrifim 22 and 23 also went on their camping trip, where they were able to prepare a delicious cookout dinner, enjoy time by the campfire, and sleep overnight in tents. They all had a blast, and especially enjoyed the opportunity it gave them to better get to know their cabin-mates and building-mates. Back at camp, tzrifim 2 and 3 played a game of “David vs. Goliath dodgeball,” which included a number of fun twists that were added to the game of dodgeball, making for a fun and energetic peulat erev.

It has been a great couple of weeks for Solelim, and we cannot wait for “Annie,” as well as all of the upcoming peulot that we will do once the show is over!