By Avidan Halivni, Rosh Garinim

Garinim has had a lot of fun this summer! Whether it is in our daily activities, or the special programming cooked up by our talented and creative tzevet, we have built new friendships and strengthened old ones while having an amazing time together. Garinimers have participated in a wide range of tarbut activities, such as omanut, rikud, muzika, and the Mitbachon, played sports like basketball, archery, boating, soccer, and tennis, and splashed around in the agam. There have been exciting and playful peulot tzrif, like making music videos and playing shoe golf, bringing the members of the cabin closer together. The campers of each tzrif have built relationships with their counselors and with one another, and it is a very special thing to see.


            The days where we break from our routine have been particularly special as well. For our first two Wednesdays, Garinim has had two exciting themed days, Yom Settlers of Ramah (a spinoff of the board game Settlers of Catan) and Yom Farm. For the first day, campers were split up into groups, gathering and trading resources in mini-games throughout the day. Highlights of the second day include animal-themed stations and a water fight in the morning, a county fair in the afternoon, and a talent show at night. These days combine the best of the creative and fun-loving elements of camp that animate the Garinim program.

            In addition, the Shabbatot at the end of each week have also been full of high-level programming. Our theme for this summer is B’Tzelem Elohim, being created in God’s image. Each week, we focus on a different category of people and consider the godliness that suffuses their existence. We began with the level of the individual, as campers presented their own hobbies and interests as they began to get to know one another. We have since explored the tzrif community and one’s home communities, whether in America, Israel, or beyond, and will conclude the summer with a discussion of what makes camp as a community so special. It is always rewarding to hear Garinim campers speak maturely about their opinions and identities, supplementing the fun they have during the week with the intellectual growth that camp also offers.

            As the final days of the Garinim program approach, we are looking forward to ending the summer on a high note during our final Shabbat. It has been an incredible journey so far and we can’t wait for these last few fun-filled days!