Hi! I’m David Dennison. I’ve been a member of the camp music staff for the past four summers and have been going to camp since I was in Halutzim. I’m currently studying education at Indiana University in hopes to teach at an elementary school. I play several instruments and have loved my time playing music at camp as a camper and now enjoy helping others play music as well.


 This summer the five members of the instrumental music staff are providing many different ways for campers to enjoy music at Ramah. We recently came together as an entire camp to celebrate at the Zimriyah song festival, where the camper and staff tizmoret (orchestra) performed together with each eidah (camper division) as they sang their songs. The tizmoret really put in a great effort and practiced for many afternoons to prepare for it. In the daily programming blocks, campers have the opportunity to learn new instruments from scratch. They can choose trumpet, trombone, ukulele, guitar, clarinet, piano and saxophone. Campers who already play instruments can practice their instruments and get help from the staff. 


Campers also love to play music together in their own ensembles. The Machon intensive has created a 1920’s style band and is really coming together as a cohesive band and arranging their own music. Several Bogrim campers have also put together their own band and have learned how to play Don’t Stop Believing by Journey.  

We are rockin’ at Ramah!