By Ellie Goldstein, Rosh Kochavim A


In Kochavim, we are focusing on the following phrase in our programming –

.מוֹנֶה מִסְפָּר, לַכּוֹכָבִים; לְכֻלָּם, שֵׁמוֹת יִקְרָא

He counts the number of stars; He gives them all their names. (Psalm 147)

This phrase highlights the individual differences that make up a community (and includes a reference to “Kochavim”). The theme of this past Shabbat was “Me and Myself on Pluto,” centering on the impact that positive and negative language can have on others and individual traits. Before Shabbat, each camper selected a bottle with a positive phrase on it (“You have a nice smile”, “I’d like to get to know you better”) and handed the bottle to another camper. We then had a small discussion on how this activity made each camper feel and the impact of positive language towards others.

In the afternoon, each camper filled a decorated paper bag with various traits that describe them. They then shared three of the traits they selected with the larger group. At the end of the day, each camper selected a PJ Our Way book to read over the course of the week. We concluded with a ruach filled Havdalah service. Next Shabbat we will focus on the way in which these individual differences can be incorporated into a community.

I’m looking forward to seeing the ways in which these campers continue to shine throughout the week!