This summer will be my 9th summer at Ramah Wisconsin (including one summer on Ramah Seminar), and my 6th summer on staff. I started coming to Ramah after my family moved to the Chicago area from South Florida. Although I started at Ramah a little older than most, it quickly became my home. I graduated from Columbia College Chicago in 2018 with a degree in Music Technology, and I’ve been spending the past year living in Jerusalem teaching music and learning about the wide spectrum of Jewish life here.

My favorite thing about camp is that for eight weeks every year, so many people from different places gather in Conover, WI. 

My favorite meal at camp is Shabbat dinner in general, though I might have to choose Thanksgiving specifically.

I’m most looking forward to the Machon Intensive this summer. Once again, we’ve designed a new Machon Intensive specifically with this summer’s Machon in mind.

Something new happening happening this summer in Muzika is something we’re calling an extracurricular ensemble (tentatively named). Chanichim who want to spend more of their time playing music can do so learning songs as a group, playing those songs to open Machazot Zemer, and putting on performances on the Kikar during Perek Zayin.