Current Whereabouts:
The George Washington University

Interests, clubs, hobbies, etc.:
I’m majoring in International Affairs and double minoring in Hebrew and Arabic Language and Culture as well as Journalism. I’m pretty involved with the GW Jewish Student Association and am working on developing a student organization called TableTalk (originally founded by an Ojai Ramahnik) that works to bring students from different backgrounds together to tell their stories. This semester I’m also writing for an online Jewish publication called Alma and interning at a think tank in DC called The Middle East Institute!

What are you most looking forward to this coming year?
I’m really excited to spend more time exploring some of DC’s local shops and small museums before hopefully going abroad next semester!

Why do you work at camp?
There’s something really special about working in a place where you grew up, surrounded by the people who know you best. You feel so at home while also being in a space where you’re constantly pushed to grow and do better. Being at camp reminds me of what really matters and it helps me to recenter myself and remember my values.

Favorite drinking fountain at camp:
EASILY the freshly imported spring water from the Beit Am water spout.

What do you miss most about camp during the year?
Aside from the people themselves I really miss the niche camp humor of ranking Shabbat meals in March Madness brackets and dancing to a song every Thursday night about picking up garbage. There’s some kind of comedy to almost every tradition we have at camp and it’s hard to explain to most people outside the Ramah bubble.

What cartoon character would play you in a movie?
I’m not sure who would play me but I definitely feel a deep connection to Kronk from The Emperor’s New Groove.

If you could instantly become an expert in something, what would it be?
I would love to boast a complete and utter memorization of the Making Mensches Periodic Table of Jewish Values™️.