Shavua Bogrim is a week-long specialty program for our campers entering 9th grade.  We invite professionals with unique skills to lead intensive workshops that incorporate Jewish content into really cool experiences.


Carpentry – Campers in the nagarut track worked with Jacob Shapiro (Nivo 1998), co-owner of Vero Design + Build LLC, which focuses on custom millwork fabrication and decorative steel. Jacob helped campers rebuild the Mishkan, the portable sanctuary that traveled with the Israelites through their desert wanderings.  Bogrimers learned how the original was designed and tried to make their version even better using new materials and construction techniques. The structure will continue to be used at camp as a semi-covered outside programming space.


Graffiti Art – Campers in this visual arts intensive worked with Robyn and Josh Awend on street-style graffiti art.  Robyn is a visual artist, art director and activist who has worked in the Twin Cities Jewish arts community for the past 12 years.  Josh (Nivo 1996) is a small business owner, improv performer, artist and activist. Together they helped campers find inspiration from Jewish texts and stories to create stencils and make graphic spray paint posters that will be displayed around camp to spark discussion and bring awareness and inspiration to the camp community.


Nature – In the Teva track, Bogrim campers learned nature skills like making fire, cooking over a fire, learning to tell direction from the sun and moon, making rope from natural grasses and leaves and much more!  Campers learned from master Jewish nature educator Josh Lake, the principal operator of Outdoor Jewish Adventures.  It really has been an outdoor adventure! Campers enjoyed identifying and eating wild foods and making tea from tree leaves.  They also learned about creating level ground and how to build a structure with the resources available to them.


Spoken Word Poetry- Campers picked topics of interest and learned to express their authentic voices.  Guiding them was Caroline Rothstein, a New York-based award-winning writer, poet, performer and educator.  Caroline is a youth mentor at Urban Word NYC and is on faculty at the Foundation for Jewish Camp’s Cornerstone Seminar.  She inspired campers to create their own spoken word poetry and shared her experiences using her voice in her community. Their impressive original poetry was presented to the entire aidah.   


Escape Room Games – Campers on this track participated in several escape room games and collaborated with their friends to create their own Escape Room.  This track was facilitated by Brandi Argentar (Nivo 1993), a science teacher and technology coach at Stevenson High School outside Chicago. Brandi guided campers as they worked together to solve challenges and use critical thinking and problem solving skills to break through the locks and solve puzzles of the Escape Ramah game.  Campers also created their own escape room and tested the rest of the aidah to see if they could solve it!

Throughout Shavua Bogrim, campers had some amazing opportunities to learn new skills and expand existing talents.  They’ve also spent time together as a aidah with special programs and meals, building stronger friendships with campers outside of their cabins.  They also participated in Bog League, (basketball and Newcomb competitions) and practiced their choreographed “synchronized swim” routines. We can’t wait to see their performance next week!