Meet Our Tzevet: Shira Forester

Background: I am from Deerfield, Illinois, and I am currently a junior studying rehabilitation psychology as a pre-nursing student at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. I now am teaching at Beth Israel Center in Madison. I have been visiting camp every summer (and one winter) since before I could talk, but I have spent seven summers as an official camper, went on Ramah Seminar, and have spent three summers as a counselor.

Favorite camp event and why: One of my favorite parts of camp is watching all of the plays. Although I was never talented enough to star in my own play as a camper, I love coming together with the whole camp to watch the different eidot come together to make a real production.

Skill or life lesson learned at camp that has been useful at home: A life lesson that I learned from being a camper and counselor at Camp Ramah is how to work with others, whether or not I may agree with them. As a camper, I learned this from living in a cabin with others and from participating in peulot with my eidah. As a counselor, I learned this skill from working with other people on va’adot to plan activities when we may have different thoughts on how to execute our goals in an activity.

One thing you couldn’t live without: Matzo ball soup.

One thing about you that may surprise us: I am the only person in Camp Ramah in Wisconsin history to receive a noodle cake for my birthday.

Camp is…. A two month break from the “real world.”

One hope or wish for 5778: One hope for 5778 is that people in the world better learn to listen to each other, to promote equality, and to work together to make the planet a better place. And also more matzo ball soup.