by Adam Schrag, Rosh Kochavim While Kochavim Aleph arrived at camp just over a week ago, the Kochavim staff is already beginning to plan creative ways to wrap up their session on Monday. I’ve found the most rewarding part of working with Kochavim (entering 4th graders) has been the exciting challenge of adding big “wow” factors in every day of our campers’ time at camp.


The last number of days have been some of the most action-packed of the summer. After a fascinating and engaging Shabbat focused on conflict resolution and formulating appropriate responses to difficult situations, Kochavim set out on a hike through one of camp’s many hiking trails on Sunday. We played games, made s’mores and had a great time together in the woods. On Monday, we left camp for nearby Minnocqua, where we played mini-golf and ate delicious frozen custard before heading back to camp. We didn’t stay on this side of Buckatabon Road for long, though, as we crossed the road the very next morning to try out camp’s high ropes course.

Then, during our togetherness-themed Yom Meyuchad on Wednesday, we prayed around camp by cabins before referring to several passages from Pirkei Avot to better understand our respective roles in shaping and influencing the world, our home communities and ourselves for the best. We then capped the day off with water balloon volleyball and a water fight on the kikar.

Kochavim has been a crazy, fun, hectic and fascinating ride so far. The activities planned for the coming days promise enough fun and excitement to last everyone through the year and far into the future.