By Alex Cantor, Rosh Nagarut This is an amazing summer for woodworking, a.k.a. Nagarut! Campers from each eidah, from Halutzim to Nivonim, are making projects that they are extremely proud of. We have done so many new things this summer and the doors to the Nagariah have been constantly revolving since the beginning of camp.


This was the first summer we welcomed Halutzim (6th graders) to Nagarut. One of Nagarut staff’s own, Dotan Appelbaum, created a curriculum to teach the campers wood burning. They learn how to use all the attachments and techniques to burn different designs on the wood. The two-week class then culminates with the campers designing their own project and completing it using all the skills they learned. The campers often show up 10 minutes early, super excited to be able to be in Nagarut.  Everyday, without fail, they ask tons of questions as they come through the door for the start of class!


Last week was Shavua Bogrim and with the help of special guest instructor Jacob Shapiro, the campers made a large, circular wooden bench. Through this project they learned about the design process, how to read technical drawings, and some awesome techniques in carpentry! It was a pleasure to watch them working together. He also left them with something very powerful; he said that even though to everyone else in camp it’s just a new bench, each of them can feel ownership over it. These campers are so proud to have made something that will stay in camp for years to come.

Nagarut is a very special place in camp.  Everyone is welcomed by the smell of freshly cut wood and campers who choose this activity keep coming back. Nagarut has been my home at camp for all 7 summers I have been here and it is my pleasure to kindle that feeling among the current campers.