Welcome back to our Rosh Ivrit Ayelet Ben-Shitrit! Camp Experience: This will be my third year as Hebrew staff. In my first year I was also on Garinim and Halutzim staff and my second year I was on Bogrim staff.

How did you find out about Ramah? In 2013-2014 I was participating in a year of service in Chicago at Anshe Emet synagogue. I met so many people who were going to camp, so I decided to come as well! And I’m so glad about that decision!

Other camp experience: I spent five years at the Ramah Noam camp in Israel as a camper. I was a counselor for two years at Camp Ramah Noam Israel and one year at Ramah Noam camp in England.

Favorite thing about camp: My favorite thing in camp is Kabbalat Shabbat by the lake, when the sun is in the sky. 🙂

Most looking forward to: I’m excited to work with Hebrew staff, to meet new people, to see old friends, to see my campers from the last 2 years and to use Hebrew whenever possible!

Life outside camp: I studied at a secular and religious school in Jerusalem. I am currently working as a counselor at the Hannaton Mechina on Kibbutz Hannaton. The program seeks to train and educate a new generation of leaders who will affect change and instill the intrinsic values of Judaism and modernity in the course of their lives, starting with their army service.

Hometown: I am originally from Jerusalem, but this year I live in Kibbutz Hanaton – a Conservative kibbutz in northern Israel

Something exciting happening this summer? Get ready for a great summer! 🙂