Welcome back to Rosh Rishonim Ilana Orrelle-Meltzer! (Rishonim is the day camp program for staff children.) Years at camp: This will be my 3rd year as Rosh Rishonim

Other Ramah experience: I started in 2002 as a member of the Mishlachat (Israeli staff delegation) at Camp Ramah Canada and returned many years there. I also led Ramah Seminar in 2004 and 2005. I met my husband Ross at camp and we both took a break when our kids were born. When they were old enough we decided to try Ramah Wisconsin.

Other camp experience: Being born in Israel my summer experience was going to day camps and traveling with my family. After the army I was exposed to Camp Ramah when I was a member of the Mishlachat, and I became a Ramahnik ever since!

Favorite thing about camp: The singing and ruach (excitement), the agam (waterfront) and the family feeling.

Most looking forward to: Having LOTS of fun with the Rishonimers. Singing, making crafts, swimming, laughing and playing.

Life outside camp: I studied early childhood education at David Yellin College in Jerusalem. I am currently a Hebrew Immersion Teacher at Associated Hebrew Schools in Toronto, Canada.

Hometown: I was born and raised in Jerusalem and currently live in Toronto, Canada. We plan to stay in Toronto for one more year and then move back to Israel.

Fun fact: I went skydiving in New Zealand and felt so free, like I was in a dream flying like a bird.

Something exciting for this summer: Rishonim will be having a maker space! We’ll be creating crafts from food and many other kinds of materials.

Anything else? I am so excited!