Who doesn’t love a shirah (singing) session with Josh Warshawsky? We’re looking forward to seeing his many other talents in his new role as Rosh Omanuyot HaBamah (Head of Performing Arts) this summer! Years on staff: Ten years! Madrich Chevrati (cabin counselor), Rosh Shirah (head of songleading), Rikud (dance), Yahadut (Jewish studies).

Years as a camper: Six years (2001-2006 Halutzim-Nivo)

Other camp experiences: I travel to other Ramah camps teaching and singing through the summer: Ramah Ojai, NorCal, Berkshires, Poconos, and Nyack

Favorite thing about camp: Seeing all of my former campers, watching former campers become counselors.

Most looking forward to:Zimriyah (Song Festival), Rikudiyah (Dance Festival), and Machazot Zemer (Musicals)!

Life outside camp: I am in Rabbinical school at the Ziegler School of American Jewish University in Los Angeles, CA

Hometown: I am from Deerfield, Illinois, but am living in Jerusalem for the year before moving back to Los Angeles after camp to finish school.

Fun fact: I was a rosh eidah for all current eight-week campers when they were in Kochavim, Garinim or Halutzim.