We are happy to welcome back Edon Valdman as this year’s Rosh Musikah!Roles at camp: This will be my 4th year on staff and on Tzevet Musika (music staff) and my 2nd as Rosh Musika I’ve been a mik’tzo’i for Solelim, Shoafim, then Bogrim in 2014, ’15, and ’16 respectively.Camp experience: I was a camper for 2 years, then I went on Seminar

Favorite thing about camp: Kabbalat Shabbat with all of camp. I love the feeling of community when everybody is singing together. There are few things better than closing your eyes and listening to everybody sing during Kabbalat Shabbat.

Most looking forward to: I’m looking forward to seeing people I only get to see at camp. Unfortunately, I don’t get to see all of my camp friends during the year, so it’ll be great to see everybody again.

Life outside camp: I’m wrapping up my junior year at Columbia College Chicago and I’m studying Music Technology. I’m currently working for J at School, a JCC Chicago program at CPS schools.

Hometown: I’m originally from Miami, Florida, but have lived in Aurora, Illinois, since the fall of 2010. I currently live on the North Side of Chicago.

Fun fact: Getting the chance to write music for a video game! A few of my friends are making a game for school and I’m writing the music. This is my first time getting to do this, so I’m really excited to get this chance.

Exciting things happening in Musika this summer: Something I’m really excited about is recording. We’ve dabbled a little in recording music around camp over the past few summers, but the plan for this summer is to do it a lot more.

Anything else you’d like to share? I really can’t wait for the summer to get here, and I hope everybody is as excited as I am!