Shalom Machon 2017!! Ma kore?? My name is Daniella Elyashar and I am happy to introduce myself as your Rosh Aidah for this summer!  I am so excited to be writing this letter, but even more excited to actually get to know you all in person in less than a month!  I probably should warn you all at this point, that I made Aliya from London with my family when I was younger, which means not only do I sound very, very, British, but I also spell in a  proper British manner. So, watch out for peculiar British phrases and spellings!

In this letter I want to take the opportunity to introduce myself, and get you all majorly enthusiastic about the incredible summer your Tzvet and I are planning for you.

A bit about myself…. This past year has been my first year studying Education, History of Israel, and Contemporary Judaism at The Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Before starting Uni this year, I managed to do some cool things. I went to a Pre-army program, served in the IDF as a commander for Olim Chadashim (new Israeli immigrants), travelled around India, Sri Lanka and other amazing places, and worked full time at the Jewish agency. I currently live in the centre of Jerusalem and have a mad cat named Raja.  When I get time to breathe, I usually listen to Ed Sheeran and cook posh food for all my friends. I’m assuming by now you’ve guessed it… I’m a member of the Mishlachat! This summer will be my fourth at Camp Ramah in Wisconsin. During my first summer in 2014, I was a Machon miktzoi and the past two summers, I was a Nivonim counsellor.  So I’m really looking forward to experience Machon again with all of you!

Speaking of which, here are a few classic Machon highlights that I hope you’re excited about for the summer! First, our Machazemer – Pippen! The wonderful story of Pippen is a hit musical full of extraordinary acrobatics, wondrous magical effects and mostly just lots of fun. Second, Machon intensives! Every chanich and chanicha can choose to expand their knowledge in variety of different anafim at camp and create projects by the end of the summer. Third, tiyul Machon!  As an Israeli, I’m pretty excited about this one. We get to visit places in Wisconsin I’m sure I’ve never even heard of, learn about different communities and get missed by the rest of camp for 5 days. Last but not least… Machon wouldn’t be Machon without TIKVAH! We are mamash looking forward for our great collaboration with Tikvah. Chaverim time, play practice, random peulot erev, the talent show, walks on the garbage (rubbish) trail, connecting tzifim, peulot throughout the day and more- are just some of the diverse ways for us all to spend time together and create a united MIKVA!

Machon summer definitely has a lot of highlights. But I also think camp’s day to day routine can also be really powerful. So, it is up to us to create special, inspiring, stimulating, fun and unforgettable experiences this summer for one another.

All the madrichim and I are literally counting down the days until we can start on our journey together! Hope you are too!

See you on the kikar, Daniella J