Hey Garinim 2017! My name is Adam Schrag and I’m so excited to be your Rosh Aidah this summer! I’m very much looking forward to meeting those of you coming to camp for the first time and can’t wait to see those of you who I know from last summer. Garinim is a super special summer to be at camp, as the month-long session gives you more time to meet and hang out with friends, work on beautiful projects in omanut (art), try new sports and so much more! While the zimriya (song festival) and yom sport will be incredible opportunities for you to shine in front of and with the rest of the aidot in camp, your Garinim summer will be a terrific chance for you to learn and grow with the friends you make in your tzifim (cabins) and aidah.

This will be my 12th summer at camp and my sixth on staff. I was born in Jerusalem and grew up in the Chicago area with my parents and two brothers. Last fall, I lived in Tel Aviv and worked as a travel writer before graduating from Knox College with a degree in Creative Writing in the spring. I backpacked around France, Spain and Portugal with friends after camp ended last summer and currently work as a medical writer in downtown Chicago. I like hiking, reading, and playing frisbee, and I’m looking forward to doing all three and more with you when we’re up at camp!

I can’t wait to see you all at camp very soon!

See you soon!