Welcome back to Rabbi Rebecca Ben-Gideon who will direct our formal education program this summer!

Years at camp: I started coming to camp in 2008, when we moved to Wisconsin, but I only officially became a staff member in 2012. Before this summer I worked in the Mercaz (Education Center) as a Yoetzet Tichnun, a resource person assisting madrichim (counselors) as they planned programs for campers.

Other camp experiences: I was a camper at Tel Noar in New Hampshire for a summer,  a camper at Camp Ramah in New England (Palmer) for one summer, and a staff member at Palmer for one summer where I produced a newspaper, The Ramah Reporter, with campers.

Favorite thing about camp: I love the supportive professional environment at camp, and I love the togetherness with other Jewish educators who also want to talk about Jewish life and Jewish education morning, noon and night.

Mosting looking forward to: I’m looking forward to learning a lot in my new job and being involved in shaping the more formal educational programs.

Life outside camp: I went to Harvard for undergrad, and the Jewish Theological Seminary of America for my MA and rabbinical ordination. Right now I work at Beth Israel Center doing Adult Education and at Ramah.

Where are you from? We live in Madison, Wisconsin, but are moving to Greensboro, North Carolina after this summer.

Fun fact: If I were one of the Golden Girls, I’d be Rose, at least according to the other educators in the Mercaz.

Anything else? Ramah has become an important part of my family’s life over the past decade. I love that my children get to be part of a place where their Jewish practices are joyfully the norm, and where they feel supported and safe enough to try new things and grow each year.