We are happy to introduce you to our new Rosh Sport Dedi Bitton! Life outside camp: I’m the owner and manager of a big sport center in Israel, Merkaz-Dor. Kids come here for after school activities and we have over 1200 kids coming to participate in our activities. (

Other camp experience: I was a shaliach many years ago at Camp Ramah in Ojai and worked there as a basketball coach.


Most looking forward to:I’m very excited and happy to be working at Camp Ramah in Wisconsin this summer! I’m looking forward to meeting all the campers and staff. I hope to bring new activities to the sports courts and fields and for the sport experience to be excellent for everyone.

Favorite sport to play? Favorite sport to watch? That’s an easy wuestion! I was a professional basketball player so I have to say the answer is basketball!!

Family: I’m married to Rotem and we have 3 sweet kids: Dor, 8 years old, Daniel, 5 years old, and Nadav, 3 years old.

Favorite activity to do for fun: I love to BBQ and I enjoy relaxing and spending time with my family at home!