by Liraz Levi, Rosh Radio DSC_3335There’s a variety of activity every day in the radio station. Not only do campers learn a lot about Israeli music, but they also improve their spoken Hebrew skills. They learn about the roots of music and about the amazing artists who have influenced the world in the last decade.

Solelim and Shoafim learn the basics of running the radio station and how to operate the equipment. Campers choose music for the radio shows, learn about editing, and develop ideas for radio show projects. As part of the class, they have the option to choose a vinyl record from the shelf and virtually open a door to the past. They have been enriching their musical knowledge and getting to know music legends from before the 21th century. And they’ve even learned how to use a turntable!

Bogrim campers have led some great on-air discussions about Israeli music as a way of understanding the social issues in Israel. During the Machon Intensive, campers choose one Israeli artist who has had a cultural impact in Israel and they create a radio show about that artist. They will present these shows in just a few weeks for our listeners’ enjoyment.

6-19 (149)There are also a lot of special staff shows in the works. There are big things ahead in the radio station so stay tuned!