ruach ramah 7-11 (162)by Adina Allen, Assistant Director Ruach Ramah is off to a fantastic start! On Monday afternoon, our incredibly enthusiastic and excited staff greeted 57 campers ready for their first Camp Ramah in Wisconsin experience.  The campers got off the bus, met their counselors, headed to their cabins and the day had officially begun. In the cabin, the campers played various ice breaker games, unpacked their belongings, and had cabin activities as they made their beds together. As the afternoon continued, the campers played sports, learned new songs, and played a couple of drama games.  Today they cooled off in the lake during their swimming time and checked out our ropes course. They were even part of the audience tonight as the Solelim (entering 7th grade) presented an awesome performance of Willy Wonka.

While the activities anruach ramah 7-11 (163)d the friendships that are forming are great to see, it is indeed the ruach (spirit) of the program that makes these three days incredible. It was the cheering at the parking lot yesterday and the energy of all the campers playing partner tag together this afternoon. I had the pleasure of seeing them perform fun cabin cheers that they had created today after dinner, filled with Hebrew words and phrases. The campers all cheered on the other cabins as they performed and a sense of an aidah (age group) was created.

I look forward to seeing this energy continue tomorrow, culminating in a song session after dinner.  It is our hope that in these three short, yet meaningful and exciting days, we are able to show Ruach Ramah exactly what the ruach of Ramah is all about.