By Avi Stein, Rosh Sport 6-26 (360)The 2016 season is in full swing here on the sports courts and fields. Throughout the first two weeks, our chanichim (campers) had the opportunity to participate in a variety of sports such as softball, basketball, volleyball, soccer, and archery. Now that we are a few weeks into the summer, inter-aidah games are being played in basketball and softball, which gives every aidah involved an amazing chance to showcase the skills that they have been building every day in their sport activities. Ligot – a unique sports league for the chanichim in Machon and Nivonim – is well underway as well, and we had a thrilling triple-overtime basketball game to kick off the summer! Every chanich in camp has been fully engaged in all of the activities and games talent staff has offered, and we look forward to all of the great moments ahead this summer on the sports courts!DSC_07126-24 (16)