by Bar Mashiach, Rosh CampingNivo boys on the Flambeau River trip One of Camp Ramah’s greatest assets is its location, deep within the beautiful, never ending forests of Wisconsin. Sometimes you really want to get out and explore your surroundings, and that is exactly what we do on our hikes and camping trips.

Each tiyul (hike) gives our campers an experience that is completely different than anything else they experience regularly in camp. The younger campers explore trails in the woods on the 75 undeveloped acres owned by camp on the other side of Buckatabon Road.  They learn cool tricks like how to make a whistle from an acorn hat or how to navigate with a map to get to their picnic site at McLeod Lake.

Our older campers take longer trips, farther away from camp, and are already pros at setting up their own tents and cutting up vegetables for their dinner cooked over a fire. They learn about different types of fires, how to start them and different aspects of fire safety.  The Machon campers learned fire writing to make the opening sign for Yom Sport and the Nivonim boys and girls each went on an amazing three-day canoe trip down the Flambeau River in northern Wisconsin.

On all our camping trips we end the day by gathering around the bonfire to roast marshmallows and make s’mores together. We tell stories, sing songs and then crawl into our sleeping bags surrounded by friends in a beautiful Northwoods setting.