By Alex Cantor, Rosh Nagarut Everyone who walks into Nagarut is welcomed with the comforting smell of wood and the loud noise ofnagarut 1 machines at work. At any time during the day it is possible to see boys and girls scattered around the room working individually or with a partner on an assortment of projects. For some campers this is their first time working in a woodshop and they quickly learn to master the basics. Others have spent many summers in Nagarut and for some this is their favorite place in camp.

The campers have made many amazing projects so far this summer! Kochavim campers made beautiful challah boards, a boy in Solelim is finishing up his bi-winged model airplane, and a girl in Shoafim is making a project which says either her first or last name depending on how you look at it. A group of five Nivonimers recently made an excellent plaque for their Hebrew musical, Chicago.

nagarut 2We hope that campers have enjoyed learning more about how to use power tools and hand tools. We know the projects they take home will be a great reminder of another amazing Ramah summer.