By Jared Skoff, Rosh Garinim DSC_0608The beginning of the summer has been a whirlwind of activities for Garinim (entering 5th grade). We’ve dressed up for the carnival and costume contest on Yom Purim, our first Wednesday Yom Meyuchad, a special day of programming. We’ve played Disco Gaga. We’ve had a superhero soccer tournament. The girls even had a chance to explore the Ya’ar (woods) on their camping trip.

This week we have even more to look forward to.  Both boys and girls will spend a morning at the Ropes Course. The boys will spend a day and night on their camping trip. And the entire aidah will debut the Garinim song at our Zimriyah song festival tonight!

6-23 (201)We are also thrilled to begin our very own Garinim Chugim, fun electives led by the Garinim counselors.  Some campers will be master Kikar Dancing, others will play Israeli birthday party games, one group will be have discussions and activities together as part of a Garinim Book Club. Others relax with yoga sessions, another group will create their own Hebrew songs, and yet another group will learn conversational Yiddish. Everyone is excited to explore these first-time Garinim electives!

We have already had a lot of fun together, and I can’t wait to watch the Garinim accomplish so much more during the coming week!