josh w3We are excited to welcome back Josh Warshawsky as Rosh Shira and Tefillah this summer! This will be Josh’s ninth summer on staff. He was a counselor for Shoafim twice and Nivonim twice, Rosh Shira, and a Rosh Aidah for Nivonim 2017-2021 back when they were in Kochavim-Halutzim. Josh was also a camper for six summers, Halutzim 2001-Nivonim 2006. From Deerfield, Illinois, Josh is studying at the Zeigler Rabbinical School in Los Angeles and will spend next year studying in Israel. Prior to rabbinical school he went to Columbia/JTS and earned degrees in religion and Talmud.

Josh’s favorite thing about camp is the plays. Some of the plays, such as Les Miserables, he has seen three times at camp. He says, “It’s fun to see new aidot, new talent, and new takes on the shows each time.” One of the things he is most looking forward to this summer is being part of the Zimriyah (song festival).

Josh is also an accomplished musician and songwriter. He released his first full-length album, “Mah Rabu,” in 2015, and it can be found on iTunes, as well as his 5-song EP of original Jewish melodies. This summer, he will be embarking on his second Jewish Summer Camp Tour, spending a week to a month in residency teaching and sharing music and Tefillah at Ramah Ojai, Ramah Wisconsin, Ramah Nyack, Ramah in Northern California, and Ramah in the Berkshires.