By Jacob Cytryn, Director

6-15 (157)The 70th season of Camp Ramah in Wisconsin is underway!  Our campers arrived yesterday and immediately began reconnecting with friends, playing catch, tag, and name games, and doing it all with their caretakers for the summer – their cabin counselors.

Our staff greeted each bus with cheers and waves, brandishing their recently decorated clipboards to identify themselves to their campers.  Campers helped one another carry bags to the cabins and everyone is getting settled in for another great camp season.

6-15 (1)Before the campers arrived, I met with the staff to emphasize that the purpose of our staff week training – from the ultra-serious to the playful, from the big picture to the mundane practicalities of building a camp community – was to help ensure another fun-filled summer at Camp Ramah in Wisconsin. That the fun and friendships happen in a holistic and immersive Jewish environment is the cherry on the proverbial sundae.

6-15 (152)