By Dina Greenberg, Rosh Rikud The first week of camp has offered so many incredible opportunities for the Rikud (dance) program to shine.  We kicked it off on Friday with an amazing 45-minute session of Kikar Dancing (Israeli line dancing) with the entire camp, and it soon became clear that the campers are bringing amazing energy and enthusiasm to the dance program this summer.  Kochavim (4th grade) and Garinim (5th grade) have already learned new Kikar dances and Sollelim (7th grade) are learning a fast-paced hip hop routine that they plan to perform for their peers. Shoafim (8th grade) and Bogrim (9th grade) have been focusing on what it means to choreograph a dance and have created inspirational and well thought-out dances this week. Machon (10th grade) and Tikvah have spent this week learning about the Tikvah Arts Festival and exploring the theme of the show through movement. Nivonim (11th grade) is getting ready to begin choreography for their play, Chicago. And this is just the first week of camp!  I can’t wait to see what the campers will bring to Rikud as the summer progresses.