Hi Solelim! Aaron Fineberg Picture for CRWMy name is Aaron Fineberg and I am incredibly excited to be your Rosh Aidah (division head) this summer!

I started camp in 2004 in Halutzim. Back then, there was no option to participate in Kochavim or Garinim or I would have! I was a camper for six years and participated in Ramah Israel Seminar. I fell in love with Camp Ramah my first summer and dreamt of the day I would be a Rosh Aidah. This will be my sixth summer on staff, and I look forward to finally being a Rosh Aidah for all of YOU this summer. June 15th cannot be here soon enough!

I am originally from Skokie, Illinois (#letsgohawks and #gocubsgo!). I spent a year studying in Israel on the Nativ College Leadership Program and have spent the last three years attending Brandeis University. I graduated in December and received my bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. I am currently working in mass transportation logistics and cannot wait to return to Conover this summer.

While you are busy finishing your first year of Middle School, I have been working hard to prepare for the best summer. Whether this is your first summer or your fourth, there are many new things in store for all of you such as: ropes course with our Tzrifim (cabins), aidah sports games (against our Chadar Ochel friends, Shoafim!), and camping trips enjoying glorious hikes in the beautiful Northwoods. We’ll learn new Hebrew words and use ones we already know. Our Yitziah will bring the entire aidah together for a surprise day-long trip outside of camp. We will sing loudly and proudly at the Zimriyah (music festival). I can’t wait to see you all rock the Bet Am stage for your first machazemer (Broadway musical) on July 12th! And last, but definitely not least, I am very  excited to introduce to you something that no other Solelim has done before you… but you will just have to wait until you get to camp to learn all about it.