dina greenberg Dina Greenberg is excited to join us as Rosh Rikud (Dance) this summer! This is her second summer on staff after being a camper for five summers and participating in Ramah Israel Seminar. Last summer she was part of dance staff and Tikvah staff, and she will be working with Tikvah again this year also.

From Park Ridge, Illinois, Dina recently finished her freshman year at Indiana University where she is studying special education. She has been a dancer for 15 years and her favorite styles of dance are contemporary and hip hop.

Dina’s favorite things about camp are hanging out on the Kikar (the central field at camp) and Shabbat services by Lake Buckatabon. She is looking forward to seeing everyone on the Kikar every Friday before lunch for Kikar dancing!

Dina says she has some fun things up her sleeve planned for the Rikudiyah (dance festival), so be sure to get pumped! She’ll see you on the Kikar!