IMG_1405We are happy to introduce Edon Valdman as this summer’s Rosh Musika! This is Edon’s third year on music staff. Previously he was a camper for two summers in Machon and Nivonim and participated in Ramah Israel Seminar. Originally from Miami, Florida, Edon has lived in Aurora, Illinois since 2010. In the fall he will be a third-year student at Columbia College Chicago, where he is studying Music Technology. While at college, Edon fell in love with comic books and he now prides himself as being a “huge comic book geek.”

Edon’s favorite thing about camp is Kabbalat Shabbat. He describes the Shabbat atmosphere, with the whole camp singing together, as “just perfect.” He is looking forward to bringing lots of new ideas to the music program this summer. He is especially excited about the music Machon Intensive and the Nivonim internship.

If you play an instrument, be sure to bring it with you to camp!