Shalom Machon 2016!                                                                                    !שלום עדת המכון תשע׳׳ו maya2Let the countdown begin! First of all, I want to take this opportunity to say מזל טוב on nearing the end of your first year of high school! You’re close to the finish line, and what awaits you is an incredible summer in Conover, Wisconsin. To those of you who are returning this summer, I can’t wait to welcome you back. And to those of you who will be experiencing camp for the first time, you are about to join an amazing community of individuals. Whether this is your seventh summer or your first, 2016 מכון will be a new experience for us all, and I can’t wait to start the journey together come June 15th!

Here’s a little about me: I’m West Coast-born (San Mateo, California), Midwest-raised (Columbus, Ohio by way of St. Paul, Minnesota), and East Coast-schooled. After graduating from Barnard College with a degree in English literature and creative writing, I moved from New York to Jerusalem, where I’ve been studying for the past two years at the Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies. In the fall, I’ll be returning to New York to begin my studies at the Jewish Theological Seminary rabbinical school. My (current) favorite book is Wild by Cheryl Strayed, I am ecstatic about the Gilmore Girls Netflix reboot, and I am eager to welcome Starbucks back into my life. My favorite place in Israel is the Southwest shore of the Kinneret, and my favorite place in camp (and probably America) is the bench on the waterfront.

The Point and The Pit, of course, offer stunning views of Lake Buckatabon as well, so I’m excited to make those places our home this summer. These new places in camp are just the start of what awaits you in מכון: we will develop skills and passions in Intensives, have the opportunity to form intimate connections with friends in חבורות משפחות (family groups), and explore what lies beyond the Northwoods on טיול מכון (Machon trip). One of the most special privileges of the מכון summer, though, will be our connection with עדת התקווה. This summer, we will share our major camp milestones, from putting on a fantastic מחזמר (musical), to singing our hearts out at the זמריה (song festival), to taking on other עדות in sports games throughout the summer with our new friends in תקווה. Through the חבר program and beyond, מכון ותקווה will become a unified community this summer.

As you start to pack your bags and eagerly await the winding bus ride up to camp, don’t forget these crucial items:

  • A favorite story (this could be anything: a memory from camp, a favorite book, a short story)
  • Some לבן/white spirit wear to show your מכון pride
  • The intention to make every day the best day of the summer 🙂

I believe this summer will be your best one yet, and I can’t wait to spend it with you. For now, good luck with finishing out the year. See you soon, מכון!


See you on the Kikar! !עד הכיכר

Maya Zinkow, Rosh Machon מיה זינקו, ראש מכון


Forester_Benjamin Picture (1)

P.S. Hi Machon 2016! My name is Benjy Forester and I will be Rosh Tikvah. I cannot wait for our two aidot to become one at camp this summer. Your Machon summer offers amazing opportunities to connect with Aidat HaTikvah in new ways. From being welcomed into our brand new Moadon Tikvah, to the one-on-one Chaver program, to simply enjoying the rhythm of the day together, I know that our summer will be extra special when spent together. Looking forward to meeting you all soon!