Hey Kochavim 2016! 4676401-2015-12-28T07-50-48.6244438ZMy name is Adam Schrag and I can’t wait to be your Rosh Aidah (Division Head) this summer! Kochavim, which means stars in Hebrew, is one of the best summers to be at Camp Ramah in Wisconsin. Over your twelve action-packed days at camp, we’ll enjoy just about every amazing activity camp has to offer! From jumping around on the blob in the agam (lake), to singing and dancing to Hebrew songs, to working on some awesome projects in omanut (art), to hanging out on the Kikar, to shooting hoops on the basketball courts, there’ll be so many activities for you to take advantage of. More importantly, you’ll enjoy all of your activities with the new friends you’ll make this summer!

I’m super excited to meet all of you and enjoy our daily activities together! This will be my eleventh summer at camp, and my fifth on staff. I live in Highland Park, Illinois with my parents and two brothers, and I’m graduating from Knox College in June with degrees in Creative Writing and Anthropology/Sociology. I was born in Jerusalem and spent the fall of this past year living and working in Tel Aviv. I like hiking, reading, and playing Ultimate Frisbee, and I’m looking forward to doing all three and more with you when we’re up at camp, where my staff and I will make sure you’ll always feel comfortable and excited for the day! Get ready for an incredible first summer at Ramah, where you’ll make tons of new friends and lifelong memories.

See you soon!