Hello all! miryam

My name is Miryam Bernard-Donals, and I am so happy to say I will be Rosh Atzmayim this summer! I’m extremely excited to welcome you all to camp on June 15th.

A little bit about me:

I currently live in Madison, Wisconsin, where I grew up. I went to the University of Iowa and graduated in 2014 with a degree in Social Work. I currently work as an Educational Assistant at Madison Jewish Community Day School, which is a very new and very small elementary school.  Only 16 students total! It has been so much fun building strong relationships with the kids there and my favorite part of my job is recess (many of the kids agree) when we get to let loose and be silly. They do the funniest impressions of YouTubers and celebrities. Have you ever seen a Miranda Sings YouTube video? Some of the first graders do really good impressions of her silly sayings and singing voice.

As for this summer (which is coming up so quickly -wahoo!) I have been doing a lot of planning and brainstorming in hopes of making this your best Ramah experience possible.

Here are some things you can expect this summer:

  • Coffee Club: In the morning, a time for early risers to gather in Moadon Atzmayim (Atzmayim’s hang-out space) and make a cup of coffee or tea, chat, and discuss current events
  • Film Club: We leave camp one evening a week and travel to the Hiawatha Inn to watch a movie, eat snacks, and have a lively discussion.
  • Cooking Club:  A time to learn some culinary skills, prepare our own dinner, and enjoy our hard work together in Moadon Atzmayim.
  • You will also be learning more Hebrew this summer! Tov Me’od! Metzuyan!
  • We are continuing our partnership with many local Eagle River businesses, so you can get excited to learn new skills on the job!
  • You can also expect to plan our weekly days off of work – let’s get creative this summer! Who wants to check out a flea market or go to the planetarium? Anyone? Maybe a Lumberjack Museum? And of course there will be plenty of time to enjoy ice cream or other frozen treats.
  • And so much more!

I will be spending a lot of my time leading up to this summer preparing schedules and programs so that we can make this summer super successful for everyone. In your own preparation for the summer, please think about your personal summer goals.

I hope you’re getting excited to have fun while experiencing and learning new skills and more about yourselves.  I cannot wait to welcome you all to camp in June!

Best, Miryam