IMG_9280Expanding on their summer theme of Shamor ve Zachor Bedibur Echad, Solelim campers (7th grade) worked with Artist-in-residence Lilach Schrag to focus on six values: patience, justice, love, courage, loyalty, and compassion.  The campers wanted to express these values in the tradition of leaving their unique imprint in their davening space, Moadon Gimel. The result is a ceiling piece that looks like a canopy, or a starry sky.  They designed and cut out large stencils of words and images that were meaningful to them – a heart to represent love, a scale to symbolize justice, and a tree to show patience.
All 60 campers spray-painted their images on large muslin fabric sheets, and washed the background with a blue latex paint. The next day, their work was installed on the ceiling, enveloping the Solelim in their new canopy of values.

IMG_9281 IMG_9282