feigelsonRabbi Josh Feigelson is excited to return for his fifth summer at camp. This summer he will be serving as a scholar-in-residence for a full month. In past summers he has been a scholar-in-residence, a teacher, and has done programming work in the Mercaz. Originally from Ann Arbor, Michigan (and a devoted Detroit Tigers fan), Rabbi Josh spent two summers at Camp Ramah in Canada. He and his wife Natalie Blitt now live in Skokie, Illinois, with their three children.  The family became connected to Ramah Wisconsin when their kids started attending Ramah Day Camp.

As an undergraduate, Josh attended Yale University where he was a music major. He then studied at the Conservative Yeshiva and received ordination from Yeshivat Chovevei Torah. He spend six years as the rabbi at Northwestern University Hillel and earned a doctorate in religious studies while there. Currently, he is the director of Ask Big Questions, a project that helps colleges and universities build stronger communities.

As a scholar-in-residence this summer, Josh is looking forward to building on our staff limmud (learning) program and creating stronger relationships with the staff. He’s also looking forward to many of the things camp has to offer–the slower pace of life, watching his kids enjoying themselves outside, and enjoying someone else’s cooking!