Gilad_112012_360pxThis past Shabbat, our camp community had the privilege of hosting the Honorable Roey Gilad, Consul General to Israel for the Midwest Region. He spoke to our oldest campers on Friday, met with our staff on Friday night and on Saturday, and led an open discussion for campers and staff members on Shabbat afternoon. In each of these sessions, the Consul General spoke about the current war in Israel, his role in promoting awareness about Israel in America, and about what we can do—through social media and other methods—to work to support Israel both in this particular moment and for all time. In all of these discussions, the Consul General began with a short frame for the discussion, and then opened the floor up to questions. We were so honored to have him with us for Shabbat! He provided important information to help us all keep Israel in our minds and our hearts, while learning more about the current situation.