DSC_2637 With only the written tests left and a few more water-based exercises to go, Machon campers participating in Lifeguard Training (LGT) are almost done with their certification process! They’ve practiced alternating compressions and breaths with our dummies, backboarding as a simulation for potential water injuries, and other first-aid related operations.

Our entering 10th graders have the unique opportunity to choose lifeguard training  and work alongside friends to learn safety to benefit the camp and their peers. Machon campers in LGT learn valuable skills while bonding in and outside of the water as they study and prepare for their tests. All summer they’ve been a hard working group interested in learning about water-safety. Under the guidance of Rosh Agam (Waterfront head) Leah Segal, the LGT class is prepared to complete their tests tomorrow, and will be presented with their certificates this coming Sunday night at our end-of-summer slideshow, “No Smoking.”

DSC_2634Here are many of the reasons why our Machon campers chose to participate in Lifeguard Training this summer:

Ellen B.: I chose LGT because I felt like it was a unique opportunity that I wouldn’t get to do anywhere else, and that it would help me for the future.

Nadia G.: I decided to do LGT because I thought in the future it would be really helpful when looking for jobs during the year.

Sam O.: I chose to do LGT because it’s a really good opportunity. It’s not offered in very many places, which really shows how special camp is in teaching us how to help others.


Rebecca S.: I decided to do LGT because my sister did it when she was in Machon. It’s nice to know that if someone’s life is in danger, you have the ability to save them.

Jesse S.: I chose to participate in LGT because it’s a really helpful skill to have. If something were to happen, I’m now able to help and not just stand there hoping for the best.

Jacob F.: LGT has been a great experience. You learn all of these new skills, and if you don’t get it at first, you have all of these people there to help you and work with you to master those skills.