DSC_0265 After three summers as a camper and loving last summer on Ramah Israel Seminar, Alex Cantor is back at camp for his first summer on staff. He spent a great deal of time in nagarut (woodworking) as a camper, so it was natural for Alex to come back this summer as both a Nagarut counselor and Shoafim counselor for Cabin 6. In June, Alex graduated from Walter Johnson High School in Maryland, and will be attending St. Mary’s College of Maryland in the town of St. Mary’s in the fall. He has enjoyed getting to impart his love for woodworking to campers this summer, even working on some projects of his own.

What have you enjoyed this summer on staff? 

I’ve really liked helping out with special projects like making mezuzot for the Mercaz (programming office) and a sign for the Rishonim (staff children’s) cabin.

What do you see as your role as a Nagarut counselor?

I think my role is to guide the campers. I don’t tell them what to do; I guide them in the steps needed to successfully complete their projects.


What do you see as your role with Shoafim?

I see myself as part of the cabin counselor team.  I like throwing a Frisbee around with my campers and just being there for them.

Why did you decide to come back on staff this summer? 

This is my favorite place in the world, and I couldn’t think of any other way I’d want to spend this summer.

What is your favorite place in camp?

My favorite place is Nagarut. It’s a place that’s always been special for me, especially my Nivo summer when I spent a great deal of time there.

While I do love Camp Ramah in Wisconsin, I also really loved my Ramah Israel Seminar experience. Just being able to meet campers from all of the other Ramah camps was really interesting and amazing.


Share a story from your time on Ramah Seminar.

I went to Poland with Ramah Seminar. My group, Zamenhoff, went to a former synagogue that was still standing. We started singing inside and really brought the place back to life. It was the oldest synagogue in Poland still standing, and it was really an amazing experience.

What are you doing next year?

I’m going to St. Mary’s College of Maryland. I’m planning to study archaeology and anthropology, with a minor in philosophy.

Why do you want to study archaeology and anthropology? 

I basically want to be Indiana Jones. I loved the movies, which was part of the reason I wanted to be an archaeologist. The movies really peaked my interest in everything associated with history.

What are you most excited for this upcoming year at school?

I’m excited for a fresh start–going to a place where I don’t really know anyone and being able to reinvent myself a little.

What makes camp so special?

I think camp is so special because it’s my second home.  I can walk anywhere in camp and everyone will say hello and know my name.  It’s the overall attitude of everyone in camp that’s so special.