After grabbing chatif (snack), campers spread out around camp for Perek Gimmel. With the sun shining, campers can be found in all corners of camp playing sports, swimming in the lake, and spending time learning with Nature Nick. From 12:05-12:50 every day, Perek Gimmel is in full swing. L100022612:06, Atzmayim (Tikvah Vocational Program Participants): Many of the Atzmayim participants choose to take their fifteen or twenty minute break during this time. They tell their manager that they’re ready for a break, and go back to the break room or eat a snack they bring with them to their jobs. Ari A. who works at the Northwoods Children’s Museum can often be found in a tree cove within the museum reading a book during his break.

DSC_604112:10, Kochavim (entering 4th grade): On a sunny day, the lake feels especially cool and fun, and Kochavim campers worked to master their diving this week. Standing on the docks on the agam (waterfront), Kochavim started with a penguin dive, which begins by sitting on the dock. Next, they raised one leg to a kneeling position. Soon, they were able to stand and plunge head first into the water. They worked to successfully dive without too many belly flops!


DSC_607112:14, Garinim (5th grade): In Hebrew class, Garinim has been learning a new topic every week. They play, read, and answer questions to help learn about different groups of Hebrew words. This week, Garinim learned the Hebrew words for things in a cheder (room). After being split into teams, Garinim campers had to run, grab a card, say the word in Hebrew, and explain what it meant in English. Campers ran back and forth, practicing the Hebrew words for things you could find in a room, scoring points for their team along the way.

DSC_603612:18, Solelim (7th grade): On the tennis courts, Solelim can be seen learning how to serve and rally during Perek Gimmel. Sirot (boating) is a popular sport for many Solelim campers, and they’ve been learning what a hull is and how to effectively steer a sailboat. The softball field and basketball courts are also filled with campers improving their skills and preparing for their games against Shoafim.

DSC_035712:24, Shoafim (8th grade): In omanut (art), nagarut (woodworking), or musikah (music), Shoafim spends Perek Gimmel in one of our many tarbuyot (cultural activities). There are a total of seven Shoafim campers playing instruments this summer in musikah. Two brought their own instruments from home to practice, one is practicing ukulele, and four others are learning how to play guitar for the first time. Sitting on the grass outside the chadar medura (our music room), musikah staff member Edon Valdman teaches chords to four Shoafim. They practice them on their own and after some time, are given a song to play using those few chords. They’ve been developing their guitar repertoire, and by the end of the summer, should know a great deal about the guitar!

IMG_910612:29, Bogrim (9th grade): This summer, Bogrim has some really interesting choices for Judaic studies. During Perek Gimmel, Bogrim can be found learning about Israel, God, or Storahtelling. Every Shabbat Mincha, Bogrim campers in the Storahtelling class perform a skit describing that week’s Torah portion. This week, all of Bogrim will get to learn about Matot.

IMG_910812:36, Machon (10th grade): Like Bogrim, Machon enjoys a number of different Judaic study classes during Perek Bet. They can learn Yiddish—a new offering this summer!—shira hashirim, or biblical stories. In Yiddish class, teacher Eric Lawrence toured his class around camp to the office to learn some new Yiddish words. His students are enjoying learning the language and more about Yiddish culture and history.

DSC_738212:43, Tikvah (Special Needs Program): Tikvah can be found all around camp during Perek Gimmel. Some Tikvah campers have social skills group, others have their prevocational jobs like helping with Rishonim and in the Marp (infirmary), while still others attend Tikvah Text Class. Each week has been a little bit different in Tikvah Text Class—they started out the summer learning about Bikkur Cholim (visiting the sick), turned to conserving food, and are now moving toward Hebrew. They’ve played “Dag Maluach,” a game similar to red light green light, using and learning Hebrew words.

DSC_011012: 48, Nivonim (10th grade): While the girls were on their camping and canoe trip this week, the Nivonim boys got to plan their own unique activities.  During Perek Gimmel, they dressed up in golf-club clothing—sweaters around their necks, polos, and plaid shorts. They wore slip on shoes and played shoe-golf, lofting their shoes into the air on a set course around camp. It was a sight to see!

With only one perek left before lunch, campers spend the time between Perek Gimmel and Perek Daled catching up with friends before the next perek starts at one. The kikar is full of campers walking from one place to the next as they get ready for the last perek of the morning.