During Perek Bet (second period) from 11-11:45, camp is filled with activity. Each aidah continues their schedule with something slightly different and exciting. Here’s a snapshot of what Perek Bet looks like for all of the aidot: 11:00, Atzmayim (Tikvah Vocational Program Participants): When Perek Bet begins, Atzmayim has already started their workday in Eagle River. Our Atzmayim participants work at a variety of places in a variety of roles, including Eagle River Roasters, Trig’s Grocery Store, Walgreens, The Flour Sack coffee shop, New Beginnings Day Care, the Walter E. Olson Memorial Library, and The Northwoods Children’s Museum. During this hour they’re serving customers that can include our staff members on their days off!

DSC_080311:06, Kochavim: During Perek Bet, Kochavim enjoys omanut (art). Sitting around the paint-laden table, Kochavim decorates their own challah boards and challah covers. By the last Shabbat they are here, their challah boards and covers will be complete, and they’ll be able to use them for their very own fresh-baked challah.

11:11, Garinim: In Judaic studies class for Garinim, campers are learning about traditional Jewish folktales and modern Jewish stories, and what we can take from these stories to be better versions of ourselves. Learning about inheritance—both literal (monetary) and metaphoric—from our families, campers explored the things they’ve inherited from their families. Garinim campers in Dr. Edna Levy’s class were challenged to write down thirty names on a sheet of paper. When they finished writing—some getting to forty or fifty names of people they know—they were told to underline the names of people who taught them, circle the people who support them, and put a triangle around the people who listen best to them. Campers in Edna’s class both learned about what inheritance means, and how to listen and respect their fellow classmates’ feelings and varying views.

DSC_052611:17, Solelim: Solelim has either Judaic studies or Hebrew class during Perek Bet. In Hebrew, Solelim is learning about zman (time). In Tzlil Cohen’s class, Solelim learned about the days of the week. They were given a piece of butcher paper and told to draw what each day means for them. They presented their posters for each day using some Hebrew to describe time like “yom” (day), “dakah” (minute), and other words they associate with that day.


11:20, Shoafim: In Hebrew class, Shoafim is learning the words for the colors and body parts. They’ve practiced the Hebrew words for everything from head, “rosh,” to legs, “raglayim.” Using these new words, Shoafim classes played paint twister. On a piece of white butcher paper piled with paint, Shoafim campers and their teachers yelled the Hebrew names for colors, contorting their bodies in order to get their left hand, “yad,” onto the red paint, “adom.” This game helped reinforce the new vocabulary, while also being a lot of fun for our campers.

DSC_010211:29, Bogrim: Walking onto the sports courts during Perek Bet, you would see Bogrim practicing their free-throws, catching and hitting balls on the softball field, practicing volleys on the volleyball court, and much much more!

6-20 (9)11:36, Machon: Machon can be found in the lake during Perek Bet. They have a variety of opportunities, everything from water aerobics, to lifeguard training, to water polo. They’re enjoying learning from each other in the water of Lake Buckatabon.

11:40, Tikvah: Sharing the lake with Machon during Perek Bet, Tikvah has a variety of swimming classes and activities. Some Machon campers spend their swimming time with Tikvah, further developing both friendships and skills in the water. 

photo1311:44, Nivonim: From the anafim (specialty areas), to the teatron (small theater), to Eagle River, Nivonim can be found in various areas during Perek Bet. Depending on their choices, Nivonim has their internships, preparation for the Nivo English Play, or their community service projects at the Eagle River Children’s Museum. At the Children’s Museum, Nivonim has been doing a lot of painting. They painted Hopscotch leading up to the main entrance, benches, repainted the fish for the fishpond, among other things. Children who go to the museum are able to make their own volcanoes, and Nivonim campers have also been helping prepare the materials for those. They’re enjoying giving back to the Eagle River community that is so close to our summer home in Conover.

From the kikar to omanut, campers are spread out across camp during Perek Bet. When the perek ends, they rush to get chatif (snack) of granola bars and apples from Sam Gordon’s golf cart, answer his trivia question of the day, and then head to Perek Gimmel.