DSC_0073 On any given day walking across the kikar you can hear campers singing “Let It Go” from Disney’s Frozen. Last night, everyone at camp got to watch the musical performed in Hebrew by our very own Shoafim, and it was truly a stunning a show!

Wednesday afternoon, Shoafim got all of camp excited by having their very own pre-Frozen tzedakah fair. Puppy chow snack mix, milkshakes, and front-row raffle tickets were selling, and for free you could get your very own picture as Olaf. The tzedakah fair got everyone excited for the musical, and raised a lot of money for the Shoafim Tzedakah Project as well.



Right before the the play, Rosh Aidah Brett Kopin energized the Shoafim by saying, “We have the next 45 minutes to have our voices heard by all of camp!” And Shoafim really was heard last night. They sang “La’azov” (“Let it Go”), “At Rotzah Livnot Ish Sheleg,” (“Do You Want to Build a Snowman”), and every other show-stopping song from the celebrated musical with loud voices and huge smiles.


DSC_7413Every camper lined up in front of the stage for the reprise of “La’azov” at the end of the show. With big hands stretching from walls to ceilings, Shoafim’s voices could be heard from all the way across the kikar. Outside, the sky was light purple and blue, the lake seemingly frozen over. Everywhere and everyone in camp enjoyed seeing Shoafim shine, like Olaf “In Summer!”

Below are the videos from last night!